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Think you know everything about Asana? Think again!! So many people create an Asana account and just start plugging in tasks without really realizing OR taking full advantage of everything Asana has to offer. I want to change that!!

There are secrets to using Asana productively.

Asana is so much more than a task and project management system. It can practically work like your virtual (personal) assistant IF you set it up the right way. Let’s get you started on the right foot!!

Get exclusive access to my Essential Asana Tips + Tricks Training AND my hugely popular #AllThingsBusiness Asana template (a $194 value) for FREE!! 🎉🎉

What happy students have to say:

“It’s so beautiful 😍 I’ve been using Asana for YEARS and never could have dreamed to make it this streamlined or that I could organize so much more of my business.” – MELISSA

“If you love Asana or want to learn more, check out Alexandra’s new Asana Assistant! She is the queen of productivity and has created fantastic systems for your business.” – GLENNETH

I'm Alexandra


I was once the QUEEN of notebooks and sticky notes. Then I discovered the magical world of project management systems and said “SEE YA, BYE!!” to both. Now, I run my ENTIRE business with just me, myself, and Asana (no team, no virtual assistant, and no superpowers either). I’ve spent the last 8 years and 2 different businesses building sophisticated systems that manage people, projects, and everything in-between.

I can’t wait to take you behind-the-scenes of my Asana dashboard and show you how you can be MORE productive with Asana every day!!

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