I am a HUGE (we’re talking cheerleader-with-sparkly-pink-pom-poms-level) advocate for investing in products and services that will do 3 things:

  1. move your business forward,
  2. make you more productive,
  3. make you a happier human being.

In my opinion, when you stumble upon products and services that successfully check off all 3 of those requirements, you’ve:

  • hit the proverbial jackpot,
  • found the perfect tool (or service) for the job,
  • are required to share those tools with everyone you know.

Which is exactly what I’m doing today!!

I’m so excited to tell you more about the purchases that seriously upped my productivity, moved my business forward, and ultimately, made me a happier human being last year so that you can start being more productive, moving your business forward, and being a happier human being this year.

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(This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you if you make a purchase using these links.)


I know investing in yourself and your business can be scary. But if the product or service can help your business and your life run smoother and help you be more productive, organized, efficient, focused, smart [insert something else equally awesome and necessary], it’s worth it!!

All of the products and services below are things I would have absolutely no problem buying again and again. I actually WISH I had found and bought them sooner!!


If you had told me just two years ago that I would ditch Trello for Asana and LOVE it even more, I would have LAUGHED you out of my home office!! 😂

NEVER in a million years did I think I would leave Trello for Asana!! Mostly because I tried—no less than three times (once on my own and then with two different Asana courses that did NOTHING for me). It wasn’t until I took Louise Henry’s Uplevel with Asana course that everything JUST CLICKED!!

Out of all the courses I’ve ever taken (which is A LOT) Uplevel with Asana is THE BEST!! 😍 It’s not just a course about using Asana, it’s about reflecting on your business goals, setting up or streamlining your systems, getting your life and business organized in one place, and then using Asana to manage it ALL.

Uplevel with Asana course mockup

The best part? Louise walks you through the tech step-by-step in video lessons that are super bite-size and not overwhelming at all!! 🤩

I finished her course AND implemented her tips PLUS brought over and made better the systems I’d spent YEARS developing in Trello in less than a week!! I can’t recommend this course enough!!

(Pssst! My link gets you $100 OFF Uplevel with Asana and all the bonuses including 14 done-for-you templates from Louise herself!!)


I’ve been following Megan Martin on Instagram for years and every time she comes out with something (free guide, template, course, or other digital product), I’m the first to sign up!!

You see, when Megan teaches, she leaves no stone unturned. She takes you behind-the-scenes of her business and tells you exactly like it is. I think that’s what intrigued me so much about The Digital Lab Membership!!

Pretty at-home workspace featuring yellow roses in a ginger jar, a happy stripe Simplified Planner, and a laptop featuring an inside look at The Digital Lab Membership by Megan Marin Creative.

Growing my business via digital products and (fingers crossed) passive income are high on my goals list and who better to learn from than the girl who has created products, built a brand, and scaled her business for passive profit with courses, memberships, templates, downloads, and more. She’s done it all (or at least most of it). And if something new comes up, you can count on Megan to give it the good old college try and take you along for the ride!!

Megan pours her whole heart and so much knowledge into The Digital Lab Membership and Facebook Group and she’s always adding more!! I actually find myself checking The Digital Lab lesson library or Facebook Group before I head to Google or Pinterest these days. 🙊

(Pssst! My link lets you try The Digital Lab FOR FREE for 14 days!! But I can almost guarantee you’re going to want to stay!!)


I switched to Bluchic’s ChicShop Theme this past summer and my ONLY regret is that I didn’t switch sooner!! This is the third WordPress theme I’ve purchased over the years and this one was BY FAR the easiest to use and customize.

I opted for their 24-hour Installation Service just to save myself some time and they turned it around in the BLINK of an eye!! I was able to set up and customize the rest of my website in a weekend and was back up and running by Monday morning!!

The best part? Bluchic’s Chic line of WordPress themes, sales funnel templates, add-on templates, and landing page templates are all built with the drag-and-drop Elementor Page Builder, which I think is the easiest of ALL the website builders (including Divi and ShowIt).

(Pssst! If you’re thinking about purchasing a template but worried your website will look like everybody else’s, don’t be. I mean, does my theme look anything like the ChicShop theme?!)

Side-by-side comparison of the ChicShop Theme demo and The Productivity Zone website.


Writing and designing sales pages for my business is the bane of my existence. Honestly, after video, sales pages are the hardest part of creating digital products for me.

When I stumbled upon Amanda Genther’s Launch in Style Sales Funnel Template Kits, I couldn’t stop looking at or thinking about them!! I finally pulled the trigger on the Addision Sales Page Kit and within ONE DAY had the sales page for Fresh Start Systems written and designed (and then cranked out Running on Routines the day after that)!! 🤩

Launch in Style's Addison Sales Funnel Template mockup

The template was super easy to customize design-wise, but my favorite part were the prompts from Amanda telling me what to write and where. I’ve NEVER in my life been able to write sales copy in such a short amount of time—never mind copy that I actually LIKED!!

The Sales Funnel Template Kits (built for both Kajabi and WordPress using the Elementor Page Builder) are designed to convert and I saw that WITHIN HOURS of setting my sales pages live!! I’m totally getting the Addison Freebie Funnel Kit (and maybe the Marie Sales Page Kit) next!!

(Pssst! I highly recommend the Graphics Pack she offers at checkout!! Like the Sales Funnel Template Kits, they’re GORGEOUS and designed to convert!! I LOVE them!!)


I don’t remember how I stumbled upon Styled Stock Society but I’m so glad I did!! The stock photo library is FULL of gorgeous, high-end, totally inclusive images for a wide range of industries and the Canva template library is worth its weight in GOLD!!

I renewed my quarterly subscription twice before deciding it was ABSOLUTELY WORTH upgrading to a lifetime membership!! 🤗

Screenshot of Styled Stock Society's Canva Template Library

New photo collections and Canva templates are added weekly and there’s a bunch of other bonuses (like content planning worksheets and Instagram caption prompts), too.

I used to spend HOURS trying to style and take my own photos and DAYS designing my own graphics. Now, I just pop over to Styled Stock Society and download what I need, when I need it!! It doesn’t really get easier than that.

(Pssst! My link gets you 20 free stock photos so you can give Styled Stock Society a test run!!)


I hate vacuuming. It’s THE WORST chore (closely followed by dishes) in my opinion. Which is why I asked for a Eufy Robovac for Christmas!! (I never thought I’d ask for a household appliance for Christmas, but here I am #adulting and loving it!!)

I’ve run my Eufy (whom I call BB in honor of BB-8, my other favorite robot) every single day because I have two indoor cats, 1 dog, and a puppy coming soon. The fur tumbleweeds and litter everywhere used to drive me batty, but not since Eufy came into my life.

I hit the power button every morning as part of my morning routine and let her do her thing. Because I do this daily, I only have to pull out the big, clunky vacuum cleaner once a week to get the cat fur off the couch, which is literally a tenth of the time I used to spend vacuuming.

Eufy Robovac in white

(I know I didn’t technically purchase an Eufy myself, but it’s still the best thing, ever. It’s definitely my favorite product of 2020!! I never thought I could love a household appliance this much, but I love it so 👏🏻 freaking 👏🏻 much!!)

Here’s to you, me, and everybody being more productive this year and every year after!!

P.S. I would love to know what your most productive purchases were last year!! 🤩


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Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own. I only share about the products and services I personally use and love most and think you will, too!!