• How to Use the Simplified Planner (And Why I Love It)

    Alexandra of The Productivity Zone holding a stack of Simplified Planners

    YOU GUYS!! I will be purchasing my SIXTH consecutive  this year!! 🎉 A rather momentous occasion because I have never, ever stuck with a planner this long before. #notbutreally. I’ve tried DOZENS of planners. (For a while there, it was something of a hobby of mine.) I just couldn’t seem to find one that could […]

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  • 5 Ways to Put Your Website to Work For You as a One-Woman-Show

    Megan Martin Creative shares how you can put your website to work for you as a one-woman-show including the 5 most productive tips you can take right now, this week to turn your website into a system that works and converts for you while you focus on other things in your work and your life!!

    I am SO EXCITED to introduce you to one of my FAVORITE female entrepreneurs: Megan Martin of Megan Martin Creative!! Megan is a color-loving, conversion-focused website designer, template shop owner, and Mama to 4 of the cutest little ones I’ve ever seen!! She’s also a one-woman-show like me!! 🙃 I purchased Megan’s Websites that Convert […]

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  • How to Jumpstart Your Productivity in the Morning

    If you have a hard time getting going in the morning, you need to check out these 5 easy ways to jumpstart your productivity that don’t involve coffee on The Productivity Zone!!

    I share a lot of productivity tips for female entrepreneurs in the general or overall sense. But today, I want to talk about how you can jumpstart your productivity first thing in the morning. Because I know so 👏🏻 many 👏🏻 female entrepreneurs who have a hard time getting going in the morning—myself included sometimes. […]

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