• How to Make the Most of Your Paper Planner

    Alexandra of The Productivity Zone writing in her paper planner

    So you bought a paper planner to help you stay organized, manage your days, tackle your to-dos, and keep track of all the life and business things… Now what?! Here’s what often happens: You buy a paper planner 📒… and wait impatiently for it to be delivered. When it arrives, you rip open the box, […]

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  • My Favorite Planner Accessories (And How I Use Them)

    Simplified Planner folded over to show off a daily page using colorful planner accessories

    Using a planner DOES NOT (and should never be) complicated, overwhelming, or stressful. When it comes to planner accessories, I believe in… KEEPING THINGS SUPER SIMPLE!! This might be an unpopular opinion, but if you’re spending all your time and money DECORATING your planner rather than DOING what’s in it, you’re doing it wrong. But […]

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