• Do You REALLY Need a Project Management System?!

    Laptop mockup showing the Asana My Tasks view on a hot pink background with the words do you really need a project management system in bold white letters

    Do you REALLY need a project management system as an online business owner? The short answer is YES. The long answer can be found in this blog post (so keep scrolling 😉). If you want the cliff notes version, here it is: You need a project management system even if you use a digital calendar […]

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  • My Favorite Planner Accessories (And How I Use Them)

    Simplified Planner folded over to show off a daily page using colorful planner accessories

    Using a planner DOES NOT (and should never be) complicated, overwhelming, or stressful. When it comes to planner accessories, I believe in… KEEPING THINGS SUPER SIMPLE!! This might be an unpopular opinion, but if you’re spending all your time and money DECORATING your planner rather than DOING what’s in it, you’re doing it wrong. But […]

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  • How to Use the Simplified Planner (And Why I Love It)

    Alexandra of The Productivity Zone holding a stack of Simplified Planners

    YOU GUYS!! I will be purchasing my SEVENTH consecutive  this year!! 🎉 A rather momentous occasion because I have never, ever stuck with a planner this long before. #nobutreally. I’ve tried DOZENS of planners. (For a while there, it was something of a hobby of mine.) I just couldn’t seem to find one that could […]

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