• How to Prepare for a Brand Shoot

    Want to knock your brand shoot out of the ballpark? Find out what a brand photographer, makeup artist, and creative small business owner recommend you do for your first or next brand shoot on The Productivity Zone!!

    I’ve dreamed of doing a brand shoot for years. So when the opportunity presented itself, I jumped at it!! Working with Jamie Bannon Photography was EVERYTHING I dreamed it would be!! The photos were exactly what I wanted/needed for my brand and I’m using them even more than I thought I would. They truly are […]

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  • Why Even Creatives Need to Take a Vacation

    Yes, it’s true. Even creatives need to take a vacation. Why? Because all work and no play makes for a burnt out business owner!! Check out all the reasons why taking a vacation is not just a NEED TO but a MUST DO for creative female entrepreneurs on The Productivity Zone!!

    Yes, you CAN take a vacation. Not that you need my permission. But knowing that you CAN take a vacation WITHOUT your business falling to the wayside or falling apart is important knowledge to have in your back pocket. Especially when you do decide it’s time for a vacation. And you should!! Take a vacation, […]

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  • Quick and Easy 10 Minute Makeup Routine

    Let’s make lipstick makes me productive a thing!! Female entrepreneurs and work at home moms, you can feel pretty AND productive (even when you work from home) with this quick and easy 10 minute makeup routine from LA Page Makeup on The Productivity Zone!!

    When I became my own boss and started working from home, I fell into the trap so many female entrepreneurs fall into. You know the one I’m talking about… The one where we wake up and roll out of bed to sit at our desks, or worse, pull the laptop into bed with us and […]

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