• 10 Things I Did for a Better Life and Business

    Alexandra of The Productivity Zone sitting in a gray chair with her iPhone in her hand and a big smile on her face

    When I launched my first business (a wedding blog in 2010), I fell into the same BUSY and HUSTLE mentality that SO MANY female entrepreneurs fall into when they become their own boss. I thought that hours and hours behind the computer was “the life of a female entrepreneur” and so I adopted the same […]

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  • How to Give Your Business a Fresh Start in the New Year

    There’s nothing “magical” about January 1st, but we all really like a clean slate and a fresh start!! Check out my very favorite ways to do exactly that on The Productivity Zone so you can head into the new year refreshed and ready for success!!

    We all know there’s nothing “magical” about January 1st. But here’s the thing… We all REALLY like a clean slate and a fresh start. There’s just something about the new year that makes us want to clear the decks in a wipe-your-arm-across-the-table-and-push-everything-to-the-floor kind of way, get rid of clutter a la , organize #allthethings, and […]

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