• How to Jumpstart Your Productivity in the Morning

    If you have a hard time getting going in the morning, you need to check out these 5 easy ways to jumpstart your productivity that don’t involve coffee on The Productivity Zone!!

    I share a lot of productivity tips for female entrepreneurs in the general or overall sense. But today, I want to talk about how you can jumpstart your productivity first thing in the morning. Because I know so 👏🏻 many 👏🏻 female entrepreneurs who have a hard time getting going in the morning—myself included sometimes. […]

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  • How to Make Your Workday Fun and Productive

    In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun!! Think you can’t have fun AND be productive while you work?! Mary Poppins and I beg to differ!! I’m sharing 10 things you can do to make your workday a bit more fun while still being insanely productive on The Productivity Zone!!

    They say if you choose a job you love, you’ll never work a day in your life… right?! Wrong!! Work is still work, even if you love it. (Especially if you love it.) Because some work tasks will (probably always) feel like a job. Like answering emails and bookkeeping. But there are a few things […]

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  • Productivity Myths You Can Kick to the Curb This Year

    Productivity myths are actually limiting beliefs holding you back from true and consistent productivity. Over on The Productivity Zone, I’m debunking the 5 most common productivity myths you can kick to the curb FOR GOOD!!

    Productivity myths. Myths. Do you know the actual definition of a myth? A widely held but false belief or idea. A misrepresentation of the truth. An exaggerated or idealized conception of a person or thing. I would also like to add that, in the case of productivity, myths are also limiting beliefs holding you back […]

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