This might be an unpopular opinion, buuuuut…

I don’t believe in decorating your planner just to decorate your planner.

If you’re spending all your time and money DECORATING your planner instead of DOING what’s written in it, you’re doing it WRONG.

When it comes to planner accessories, I believe in…


But that doesn’t mean I don’t believe in USING planner accessories to ENHANCE your planning practice!! In fact, I really hope you DO use them. 🙃

Simplified Planner folded over to show off a daily page using colorful planner accessories

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I’m a girl who LOVES office supplies and planner accessories.

When I was a kid, back-to-school shopping was my favorite time of year.

Going to Staples to pick out all of my new color-coded binders, notebooks, and highlighters was better than Christmas to me!!

These days, office supply and planner accessory shopping from the comfort of my couch is my favorite thing ever!!

I often tell people (somewhat jokingly) that office supplies are my love language and planner accessories are my middle name. 😍

Which is why I wanted to take the time today to share my best, favorite, and necessary planner accessories to help you accessorize and use your planner in the best (most productive) way!!

In this post, I’m doing a deep-dive into the EXACT planner accessories I use in my Simplified Planner and HOW I keep things super simple including how I color-code minimally, use stickers sparingly, and actually USE my planner to do EXACTLY what I bought it to do: keep my life and business organized, focused, and on track!!

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Simplified Planner accessories shopping guide including a daily planner, pens, pen clips, page markers, paper clips, stickers, sticky flags, mini notebooks, stretchy bands, planner and pencil pouches


I am incredibly picky about what pens I use in my Simplified Planner. (As the girl who was once the Goldilocks of Planners, what did you expect?!)

First and foremost, I only ever write in black ink. It’s a weird personal preference, I know, but I really think black ink looks cleaner than blue 🤷🏼‍♀️.

But I do LOVE using PINK PEN for checking off my to-dos!! (This is so I can EASILY see what’s been done and it looks like a CELEBRATION!! 🎉)

I also only use pens that I know won’t bleed through the page. Over the years, I’ve tried and loved Le Pens, Pilot G2 pens, Pilot Precise V5 pens, signature Simplified pens, and my new favorite, Simplified twist pens!!

Side Note: I know many people use different color pens (like in the Happy Stripe Pen Set) to color-code their tasks and to-dos in their planner, but that makes my eyes and brain go crazy 🤪!! I like to use stickers to color-code my tasks, but I do love to use different colored pens and highlighters when I’m brainstorming or outlining things on paper.


After years of asking for pen loops on the planners, Simplified finally released something even better: pen clips!! These beautiful leatherette and shiny brass pen clips currently come in 3 colors: Navy, Blush, and Carolina. And they clip onto your favorite Simplified or Dapperdesk planners (both the Daily and Weekly versions).

They were an instant best-seller when they launched in the spring and it’s easy to see why!! They’re currently out of stock, but should be back soon!!


Simplified’s magnetic page markers are one of my all-time favorite planner accessories. For years, I used a best day ever page marker in a complimentary color to my planner. I loved attaching it to each daily page in turn and seeing the best day ever reminder every time I looked at my planner.

A few years ago, I decided to change things up and bought patterned page markers that either matched my planner or complimented my planner, and LOVED it!! I also picked up the fresh start and more coffee please page markers because they’re adorable and I like variety!! 😉

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Jammin' on my planner Leslie Knope Quote on hot pink background


I love using fancy, gold paper clips in my Simplified Planner to mark pages I need to refer back to, and will occasionally use them to clip important papers (like coupons, letters, or notes) to certain days or even the monthly spread.

My favorites are the Simplified flags, hearts, coffee cups, and pineapples. Gold paper clips, in general, make me pretty happy though!!


Stickers are a GREAT way to personalize and have fun with your planner and planning process.

But the thing I want you to remember about stickers is that they’re BEST when used in a way that works for you but doesn’t distract you. Use them to attract or draw attention to something (like certain tasks or specific dates), but don’t use so many that you can’t see what you wrote down for tasks and to-dos each day.

I don’t use a lot of stickers in my planner, but what I do use, I use very intentionally.

Color-coding dot stickers are my FAVORITE planner accessory to play with and the one I use the most. It took me a while, but I finally figured out a system that works for me:

  • Fuchsia Pink for business meetings and appointments
  • Medium Pink for my morning routine
  • Light Pink for business education and self-development
  • Yellow for tasks related to content creation
  • Green for client work, meetings, and related tasks
  • Light Blue for tasks related to The Systems Shop and product creation
  • Medium Blue for my evening routine
  • Teal for exercise and other self-care activities
  • Navy for personal events and appointments

This system (obviously) may change (especially now that there are new happy stripe colors), but for now, it works, and I’m really happy with it!!

My best tip is to make sure you stay consistent with your color coding so you don’t get confused or stressed out. I highly recommend you make a chart on a Post-it note or index card and keep it in the front of your planner for easy access. (That’s what I do!!)

If you prefer flags to dots, you could also use the new happy stripe flag stickers to color-code your tasks!! I love that these are tiny, fit perfectly between the lines, and can be used horizontally OR vertically!!

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I was a very happy girl the day Simplified released sticky flags in happy stripe colors!! Not only are these sticky flags super sticky, but they’re also removable and re-stickable, which is seriously awesome if you like to move your stickies around like I do.

I also love that they leave NO sticky residue on the pages of your planner, counter, computer, or wherever else you like to leave sticky notes!!

Daily Simplified Planner open to show how to use planner accessories


I love keeping a mini notebook in the front inside pocket of my planner for referencing my daily and weekly schedule blueprints, color-coding chart, and other important notes. I also like keeping a mini notebook handy during the day for brain dumps and those really random but really good ideas that hit me when I’m working on something else.


Stretchy bands are perfect if you keep a lot of loose papers, sticker sheets, or even mini notebooks with your planner and want to keep everything together. I particularly like to use these when traveling!!

Please Note: When purchasing these, make sure you are getting the correct band size as there are different sizes for the daily and weekly Simplified planners!! There are currently no stretchy bands that fit the Dapperdesk planners.


Simplified Planner and Pencil Pouches are INCREDIBLE!! I’ve ordered pouches from other companies before and been really disappointed in the quality, but Simplified knocked it out of the ballpark!! They’re super soft and sturdy (not stiff or flimsy) and can hold A TON of stuff!!

The Planner Pouch can easily fit a daily or weekly planner with a bunch of accessories OR a daily and weekly planner together (I checked)!! And the Pencil Pouch can hold quite a few pens, pencils, and highlighters in case you want to keep those things separate.

I mostly use my pouches to keep my planner safe and my planner accessories corralled at home or when I travel. They can also easily be used to organize and hold various odds and ends in diaper bags, gym bags, backpacks, etc. They’re even CUTE enough to be used as an everyday clutch!! (I mean, have you seen that pineapple zipper pull?! 😍)

photo of a woman writing in a simplified planner

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, using a planner should never be complicated, overwhelming, or stressful. (And seeing someone else decorating their planner should NEVER make you feel bad about using your planner in a practical way!!)

You can use as many or as few planner accessories as you want. But I hope this post inspires you to keep things super simple AND intentional!!

P.S. You may or may not have noticed that all of my favorite planner accessories come from Simplified. That’s because everything is coordinated in the colors of Happy Stripe, which makes it easy to color-code consistently!! 😉🌈

Not sure if the Simplified Planner is right for you? Check out this detailed FAQ!!


Simplified Planner folded over to show off a daily page using colorful planner accessories

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