Productivity myths.


Do you know the actual definition of a myth?

  • A widely held but false belief or idea.
  • A misrepresentation of the truth.
  • An exaggerated or idealized conception of a person or thing.

I would also like to add that, in the case of productivity, myths are also limiting beliefs holding you back from potential AND pivotal productivity.

Productivity myths are actually limiting beliefs holding you back from true and consistent productivity. Over on The Productivity Zone, I’m debunking the 5 most common productivity myths you can kick to the curb FOR GOOD!!

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As your resident productivity and systems specialist, I don’t want ANYTHING holding you back from true and consistent productivity. It’s my job to equip you with everything you need to have the most productive day, every day. And today, that job includes helping you discover, debunk, and definitively KICK the five most common productivity myths to the curb… for good!!


You know those days where half of your to-do list is checked off by 11am? How about how insanely productive you are the day before you go on vacation? Those days aren’t flukes. You can have days like that every day with a little bit of discipline, a whole lot of focus, and an intentional plan.

As Paul J. Meyer said: “Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.”

I’d Like You to Try Something:

  • Plan your day ahead of time (preferably the night before so you can hit the ground running before your coffee even finishes brewing).
  • Don’t just make a to-do list, actually schedule when you’re going to tackle each task and even how long you want to spend on it.
  • Turn off all distractions, including the tv.
  • Put your phone on do not disturb, airplane mode, or in another room.
  • Give each task your full and undivided attention until it’s time to move on to the next to-do.

If you decide to try this (and I hope you do), I think you’ll be surprised how productive and accomplished you’ll feel at the end of each day!!

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I often hear people say that planning is a waste of time. That they’ll get more things done if they just start working. But I have to politely disagree.

By planning ahead, you eliminate the question: what do I do next? You eliminate time slipping away as you sit there and sift through all the to-dos you have to do in search of the next thing you should do. By planning ahead, you also eliminate the accidental procrastination that occurs. And by that, I mean getting lost in the social media scroll…

Planning is NOT a waste of time. In fact, to be more productive and actually get things done, I’d like to encourage you to stop winging it and start planning it.

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While we’re on the topic of wasting time… I’ve heard time and time again from fellow female entrepreneurs and creatives that they don’t have time to shower or that they haven’t showered in days. Friends, how long do you think a shower takes? 5 minutes? 7 minutes? Maybe 10 minutes if you’re shaving your legs? In the 1,440 minutes you have in a day, I guarantee you can spare up to 10 minutes for a shower.

As Emily Ley says in her book Grace, Not Perfection: “Women, showers are non-negotiable, and leggings are not pants. Makeup is optional, but sister, feed yourself breakfast (and not out of a mug)!”

Honestly, my morning routine, including getting up, taking a shower, getting dressed, doing my hair, putting on makeup, and having breakfast is a priority for me. It makes me feel more productive (and honestly, more human). So I do it every. single. day.

When you have the right tools and routines, getting ready for the day really doesn’t take that much time. I’m going to be campaigning hard this year for female entrepreneurs to get ready for the day (and sharing helpful tips and tutorials for how to do it along the way).

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There are a great number of busy badges running around the creative industry and the people who wear them LOVE to shine them up and point them out. But I think those people would quietly put those busy badges away if they knew and understood the true difference between productive and busy. And that is:

“Being busy means doing stuff. Being productive means getting stuff done.”

They’re NOT the same thing. In fact, they’re two very different things. But that difference is subtle and often missed or misconstrued. But the IMPACT it has on the day-to-day is HUGE.

If you find yourself getting caught up in the hustle like the rest of the creative industry, before you pin that shiny busy badge for the world to see, stop and ask yourself: Am I being productive or just busy?

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This is probably the biggest productivity myth and most limiting belief I’ve ever heard.

Productivity is not a unicorn. It’s not a hidden talent or a gift only given to certain people. And it’s definitely not a superpower. Productivity is possible anytime, anywhere, and for anyone. (Yes, even for you.) It can be learned. It can be taught. I can teach you. So stick around 😉

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Which of these productivity myths have been holding you back? This is a no-judgment zone. Don’t be afraid to be honest with me or yourself. Admitting it is the first step to taking back control of and blasting the roof off your personal productivity!!

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Kicking these productivity myths to the curb is the first step to taking back control of and blasting the roof off your personal productivity!! Find out which productivity myths you can kick to the curb for good on The Productivity Zone!!

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own. I only share about the products and services I personally use and love most and think you will, too!!

Productivity myths are actually limiting beliefs holding you back from true and consistent productivity. Here are 5 you can kick to the curb for good!!