If you’ve been hanging around my little corner of the internet for a while, you know that I LOVE my Simplified Planner!! I loved it back when it was a notebook with a monogram on the cover, when it was a bulky (but still pretty) binder with paper packs you had to date yourself, and even more today with its gorgeous patterned covers and true gold wire-o binding. 😍

I honestly missed the simplified life so much during my Goldilocks-style planner discovery journey some years back that when I picked up a Simplified Planner again in 2016, I never looked back. Later this year, I will be purchasing my SIXTH consecutive Simplified Planner and couldn’t be more excited about it!!

Simplified Planner girls holding 2021 Simplified Planners in Happy Floral, Happy Stripe, Gold Bee, Pink Pinstripe, Pineapple Crest, and Blue Trellis

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Because I share about my love for and use of the Simplified Planner so much, I often get asked all kinds of questions about it—how best to use it, my favorite planner accessories, how I keep it so neat and clean, etc. (I never mind answering because hello, it’s my favorite thing!!)

But I thought it would be fun to create a blog post that includes every question I’ve ever been asked about the Simplified Planner and all of my answers. Sort of an ultimate FAQ resource guide that is equally informative and fabulous to help you determine if the Simplified Planner is the right planner for you!!


These are the most frequently of frequently asked questions.

There are so many planners on the market—why the Simplified Planner?

Because Emily Ley is my spirit animal. (Kidding. Sorta. 🦄) Because it stopped me from making daily to-do lists that just weren’t accomplishable. To-do lists are not wish lists and the Simplified Planner literally changed the way I manage my time and plan my days. The fact that it’s so well-made and gorgeous is really just a bonus. I also love that it’s super simple, not overwhelming, complicated, or demanding. It was designed that way (minimally) on purpose so that every girl in every season could use it.

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What planner (edition) do you use?

I am a Calendar Year Daily girl forever and always. There’s just something about starting the new year with a new planner!! 😍

Do you *really* use it every day?

Yes, I *really* do. I call it my number one productivity tool for a reason. Because it’s the first thing I reach for in the morning, the last thing I touch at night, and the only thing I check in with multiple times each day. I honestly can’t imagine my life or business without it!!

Alexandra of The Productivity Zone using her Daily Simplified Planner in her office

I’ve bought other planners before but never used them. What should I do?

You have to commit to using it. Whether you buy a Simplified Planner or another planner, you have to understand that the planner isn’t going to change your life unless you actively and consistently use it. You just have to commit to it. Make checking in with it part of your daily routines. Set reminders if you have to until it becomes a habit. In my experience, the more you use it, the more you won’t be able to live without it.

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How do you keep your planner so neat and clean?

Honestly, I treat it like a piece of technology. It mostly stays on my desk in my office, but if I do take it with me somewhere, I make sure it goes in my bag coil side up and away from anything that’s wet or sharp. (And I make sure all of my pens are capped!!)

I use a magic eraser on any cover smudges and wite-out tape is my secret weapon because I can’t stand scribbles or cross-outs.

The new will make taking my planner places even easier and more stress-free!! Plus, they’re SO pretty!! 😍 (I still recommend you put the planner in coil side up though to keep it from getting smushed.)

Happy Floral Daily Planner peeking out of a Pink Pinstripe Planner Pouch (coil side up)

Where do you keep your current planner?

In the upper right-hand corner of my desk with my pens (black for writing and pink for checking off to-dos) and wite-out sitting right on top of it. You should always leave your planner in the place where you’re going to use it most. Not on a shelf or in a drawer where you’ll hardly ever see it. And don’t you dare leave it in the pretty navy box it came in!!

What do you do with your old planners?

Even though I never look at them again, I keep all of my old planners on a shelf in my office. They’re just so pretty!! I can’t bear the thought of throwing them out!! 🙈

How do you substantiate the price?

  1. It’s the only planner I buy.
  2. It’s so well-made and gorgeous.
  3. It’s my favorite business expense.
  4. I actually use it every day and can’t imagine my life or business without it.

When it’s a product you’re going to use for 365 days, I believe it’s worth it to spend a little bit more. Besides, when you divide $60 by 365 days, you realize what you pay is worth it.

Are you an affiliate?

Yes, I am and have been for a few years. Being an affiliate means I earn a small commission from Simplified if you make a purchase through one of my links. But I would (and did) share about my love for the Simplified Planner without an affiliate link. In my opinion, it’s just a really nice way of saying thank you for sharing. And I’m super grateful every time you make a purchase through one of my links!! ❤️

Simplified Planners on a styled bookshelf


Simplified Planner Launch Day happens twice a year; once in the spring for academic year editions and again in the fall for calendar year editions. They’re honestly my favorite days of the year!! Team Simplified goes all out and so do I!!

Do you recommend ordering on launch day?

If you have your heart set on a specific planner cover, yes. Some planner covers are more popular than others and tend to sell out pretty fast.


How should I prepare for launch day?

Make your shopping list ahead of time, set multiple alarms for 10am ET, and plan to be at your computer at least 5 minutes before launch time.

Do you recommend buying a bundle?

If this is your first time buying a Simplified Planner and you want all the coordinating accessories OR you’re low on accessories, absolutely!! It’s a GREAT deal because you get one of everything AND free shipping!!

Daily Simplified Planner Bundle including Happy Floral Daily, Gold Bee Mini Notebook, Pineapple Paper Clips, Color-Coding Stickers, Navy Stretchy Band, Happy Floral Page Marker, and Happy Stripe Pen

How do you decide between all the gorgeous covers?

It really is the hardest decision to make because Team Simplified OUTDOES themselves when it comes to the cover patterns every single year. I’m constantly telling myself I don’t need two, three, or four planners!!

That being said, I always try to go with the one that makes my heart eyes come out the most. When that fails, I go with the one that matches my (business) brand. #idoitforthegram 😂

How do you decide between Academic and Calendar Year?

When does a new year start for you? If it’s when the kids go back to school, you want an Academic Year. But if your fresh start comes in January, get a Calendar Year.

How do you decide between Daily and Weekly?

Ask yourself what you need more of: space or portability. If you need space and like seeing just one day at a time, I would recommend the Daily. If you need portability and like seeing your whole week at once, then I would say Weekly.

But when in doubt, get a Daily. It’s always better to have more space than not enough space. (I personally love the Daily because I time block my days in the hour-by-hour schedule space and keep a list of related to-dos running right alongside it.)

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Accessories!! Accessories!! Oh, how I love accessories!! 🎶

What are your favorite planner accessories?

The are my all-time favorite. I use them every day and have to order more constantly. I love the Gold Dot, Happy Stripe, and Happy Floral pens. The stretchy bands are great for travel!! The pineapple paper clips are really fun and I adore the magnetic page markers!! You can never go wrong with the and the planner pouches are SO well made!! (I’ve tried pouches from other companies and none of them compare to these!!)

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What else do you recommend from Simplified?

Alexandra of The Productivity Zone wearing a Simplified Pineapple Hat

If you could only order ONE planner accessory with your planner, what would it be?

The . I can’t live without them.


I get so many questions related to my use of the Simplified Planner and have actually answered most of them in blog posts already. So instead of making this post super long. I’m just going to link them here for you.

Got a question about the Simplified Planner, accessories, planning, or launch day you’d like me to answer? Ask below and I’ll update this post with my answer!!


Simplified Planner girls holding 2021 Simplified Planners in Happy Floral, Happy Stripe, Gold Dot, Pink Pinstripe, Pineapple Crest, and Blue Trellis

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own. I only share about the products and services I personally use and love most and think you will too!!